Christening Set

The Christening Set is the "Open Crescent Set" from "Christening Sets to Crochet"
-Leisure Arts leaflet #LA04267.

The pattern has just been reprinted
under the new name.

A Christening Blanket that uses the same lace pattern.

The blanket was started in the center with a long chain.
I used the "2 strand start" so I didn't have to keep an accurate count.
Just do a lot of chains, then using the second strand, do the foundation row,
More chains, more foundation row...

The original pattern has 1 dc between shells on row 1,
3 dc between shells on row 2,
3 sc between shells on row 3,
and 1 sc (in second of the 3 sc) between shells on row 4.

The end stitches only were adjusted on the blanket to make an even edge:
2 dc on row 2,
2 sc on row 3,
1 sc on row 4, in the original center sc of the 3 sc of row 3, now is in the outside stitch.

The blanket was worked for 20 inches, ending with row 3, then turned and worked from the starting chain for 20 inches in the opposite direction.

Row 4 was worked across the second end, a corner turn was figured out, sc along the side (multiple of 18+1 -I just did a lot of sc, counted, and adjusted the last several stitches to make it come out right),
same corner turn, Row 4 across the first end, corner, sc along the side.

Rows 1 - 4 with corner turn were worked around the entire blanket and the edging added. (sc, chain 3 ...)

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