Bear Bonnet

Cat Bonnet

These hats are from "Baby Happy Hats" Leaflet #1256 by American School of Needlework.
(This pattern is protected by copyright.)
The ears can be added to the Basic Helmet since the stitch is the same.

The cat hat uses the same pattern as the Bear but with white yarn and the ears pointed.

Use worsted weight yarn[5 mm hook or whatever] (same as for bonnet) for the outer ear,
and sport weight yarn [4 mm hook or whatever] for the inner ear.
By changing yarn, one set of instructions does both:

Ch 12
TERM: 2tog here refers to decreasing hdc.
Row 1 -Hdc in 3rd chain and across, Chain 2, Turn
Row 2 -Hdc2tog, hdc x 5, hdc2tog, hdc, Chain 2, Turn
Row 3 -2tog, hdc x 3, 2tog, hdc, Chain 2, Turn
Row 4 -2tog, 1 hdc, 2tog, hdc, Chain 2, Turn
Row 5 -3tog, hdc, Chain 2, Turn
Row 6 -2tog, chain 1, turn sidewise.

Sc down first side,
3 sc in first free loop of row 1,
Sc in each free loop across bottom,
3 sc in last free loop,
Sc up second side,
3 sc in top of row 6,
Join with slip stitch to first sc.
Fasten off.

Stitch Inner Ear to Outer Ear, then stitch ear to hat:

Place completed ear on hat so top point of base of ear rests on the top edge of Row 1.
Align ear to slant towards the back of the earflap -this is the chain 3 and slip stitch join on one flap-
and sew the top half of the ear base.
Slant the unsewn half of the ear base to align with the front of the earflap and sew in place.
This forms a "V" with the base of the ear and helps it remain upright.

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