Basic Cro-Hook Tutorial

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Cro-Hook in the Round

Cro-Hook uses the double-ended afghan hook and creates two-sided,
usually two-color fabric.
The techniques and stitches are the same as for Tunisian Crochet.

With color 1 make a chain the needed length.
Pull up a loop in the second chain from the hook and in each chain.

Slide loops to other end of hook.
Make slip knot in end of color 2 yarn and place on hook.
Pull through first loop on hook.
*Yarn over, and pull through 2 loops.
Repeat from * to end of row.

Continue with color 2.
Work a basic Forward Row across.

*Slide yarn to other end of hook.
Change color and work off the loops.
Work a forward row with the same color.
Repeat from * for length.
Picture above shows fabric after several rows.
One side is mostly color 1.

The other side is mostly color 2.

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Cro-Hook in the Round

The motif was made using a crohook and two colors of yarn.
I call the technique "cro-nisian" because a crohook was used
but the fabric is one-sided because both the forward
and return rows go the same direction.

2 different colors of yarn -any weight.
Crochet hook appropriate for the yarn used.
Cro-Hook 2 sizes larger than the crochet hook.
4 markers -1 white, 3 green.

Forward Row is worked in the main color;
the Return Row is worked in the Background color.

The rows are worked alternately, a few stitches of each at a time.


Move markers up the rows as needed to keep your place.

At the end of the last round, end at the white marker, drop one color and cast off in pattern with the other. I used the main color to cast off but choice of color is optional.

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