Ripple Afghan

This Ripple Afghan is worked
from the center starting from a
row of Tunisian Blocks.

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Picture of completed afghan
Finished size is 33 inches wide by 44 inches long
White blocks in center are Tunisian Stockinette Stitch

This afghan uses the Back Loop Only Single Crochet stitch.
The special technique used here is the center strip of squares
and working the rows from the center to the 2 ends.
This allows both ends of the afghan to be the same.

Materials needed
Yarn: Heavy Worsted, 18 stitch, Aran weight.
Hooks: 7.00 mm (K-10 1/2) for ripple stitches
8.00 mm (L-11) or 9.00 mm (M-13) for Tunisian stitches.
The stitches must appear to be too loose in order for them to be properly made.
The blocks are only 6 stitches wide so there is no need for the long afghan hook
-the regular crochet hook will do just fine.

Instructions for Ripple:
Ripple pattern is a multiple of 12 stitches plus 1, plus 1 for the base chain.
Chain 134

Row 1:
Sc2tog using 2nd and 3rd chain from hook,
Sc in each of next 4 chain,
*3 Sc in next chain,
Sc in each of next 5 chain,
Skip 1 chain,
Sc in each of next 5 chain,
Repeat from * across.
Last repeat from *(3 Sc in next chain), Sc in each of next 4 chain,
Sc2tog using last 2 chain.
Chain 1, Turn.

Row 2:
Sc2tog (both loops in first stitch, back loop in second stitch),
Sc (back loop only) in each of next 4 stitches,
*3 Sc(back loop) in next stitch,
Sc (back loop only) in each of next 5 stitches,
Skip next 2 stitches,
Sc (back loop only) in each of next 5 stitches, Repeat from * across.
Last repeat from *(3 Sc in next stitch), Sc (back loop only) in each of next 4 stitches,
Sc2tog (back loop in first stitch, both loops in second stitch) using last 2 stitches.
Chain 1, Turn.

Repeat Row 2, changing color as desired.

Adding the Tunisian Stitch Blocks:
Work 4 rows (2 ridges) of ripple pattern.
(any more than this will be hard to handle while working the blocks)

Use a regular crochet hook at least 1 size larger than used for the ripple pattern.
With right side of fabric facing, green arrow at top indicates the starting tail.
Black lines indicate the free loops of the starting chain.
Black arrow indicates last loop of first row.
Note that you will start the Tunisian Blocks on the end of the ripple rows opposite to the starting tail.
Shows first row of tunisian
These tunisian blocks use 6 loops on the row and 6 rows
because of the length of the legs of the ripple.
A different length of legs for the ripple would
require a change in the number of stitches and rows.

Start with a slip knot pulled through first free loop
Pull up a loop in each free loop on bottom leg and also in angled loop
shown by green arrow in previous image.

Start of Return Row.
Notice that because the row is joined to a loop instead of "free standing", you will insert hook in angled loop,
YO, pull loop through, YO and pull through 2 loops.
Continue return row in normal manner.

Shows first block completed in Tunisian Stockinette stitch,
Cast off in Slip Stitch,
and first loop made for second block.

Repeat entire process for each block.
Fasten Off.
Arrow indicates start of 2nd set of ripple.
The first row of ripple on the second side will be worked from the back side of the fabric.

First row of 2nd ripple completed.
Join yarn (at bottom of image) in first loop of starting chain,
sc2tog, then sc in next 4 stitches,
3 sc in corner loop,
sc in next 5 stitches across top of block, skip 1 stitch, sc in next 5 stitches,
3 sc in corner stitch...,
continue with ripple instructions.

Shows more ripple ridges added to blocks.
Continue with ripple pattern working both sides equally.
Shows center portion of completed afghan.
Colors used in the afghan were a buttery yellow,
Navy, medium and dark blue, beige, and white.
We call it the "Easter Egg Afghan".

The Tunisian Crochet Squares shown are done in
Tunisian Stockinette stitch,
so named because the stitches look like knitted stocking stitch.
An alternate stitch for the squares would be the Tunisian Purl Stitch.(not shown)
Because of the appearance of the stitch, it goes well with the single crochet ripple.

Instructions for the Blocks:
The first row of casting on stitches will be done from front to back of the fabric
and connecting to the stitches of the vertical leg will be done
from front to back as well.

Instructions for the Purl stitch:
Please note that there are at least 2 ways to do the Purl Stitch
-one is to work the stitch on the front strand
of the vertical loops (this goes well with the afghan stitch)
and the other is to work the purl stitch
on the back strand of the vertical loops.
The second method is to be used here.

With supply yarn below and in front of the hook,
insert the hook through the fabric between stitches
and pull the rear vertical loop forward.
Finish the purl stitch in the normal manner.

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