Flexible Afghan Hook

New technique added at bottom of page.
It is a much better idea than mine.

A flexible afghan hook larger than 5.50 mm is almost impossible
to buy so making your own is the only way to get one.
This became necessary with a chunky yarn sweater on an 8 mm hook.
The 14 inch hook was crowded with the required 50 stitches
but the problem was solved by making my own hook.

Correct size crochet hook
Sharp knife -I used a snap blade knife.
Length of Weed Trimmer line or similar.
1/2" button for stopper (I understand the stopper is available commercially from, I think, Inox).
Power drill with a bit slightly larger in diameter than the weed trimmer line.
Glue Gun.
Epoxy Putty -LePages #13.

Cut length of plastic line
Fasten button to one end. To do this, thread the line to the back through 1 hole,
bring the line through the next hole to the front,
thread the line through the next hole to the back and tuck the end under the loop of line in the back.
Snug the line tightly up against the button and put several drops of glue
on the line on both sides of the button.
Cut rounded back end off of hook.
Drill hole about 3/4 inch deep in back of hook
Fill hole with hot glue and immediately push plastic line in securely.
Allow glue to cure completely.
With the knife, trim the back of the hook to a smaller diameter for about 1/2".
This will provide a post for the epoxy to fasten to securely.
Cut off equal parts of the epoxy -about 3/4"- and knead to a uniform color.
Wrap the epoxy around the line and the "post" at the back of the hook
being sure the epoxy is smooth and no larger than the diameter of the hook.
It must taper smoothly from the back of the hook to the line
over a distance of about 2 inches so the yarn
will pass over it with no resistance.
After the epoxy has completely cured,
it can be scraped smooth with the back of the knife blade.

Back View of Hook

The diagram shows detail of adding the line,
shaping the back of the hook to a post and adding the epoxy putty
tapering to the line so the yarn loops will slide
easily on/off the hook.

New Technique:
This technique was sent to me by Lesa Hassel In Maryland, USA.
The information and image of hook are used with her permission.

1 item is needed to complete the hook:
The removeable tip from a retractable ball point pen.

Method: Shape back of hook to fit inside the pen tip.
Insert wire or line in tip of pen and glue in place.
Glue tip of pen to back of hook.

Shape back of hook to fit inside the tip of the pen
insert wire or line and glue in place.
Glue pen tip to back of hook.

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