Toque and Bootee Set

Newborn to 3 Months size
28 stitch yarn (Lollipop) on 3.25 mm hook
Uses short rows for crown shaping
Done in Wide Rib Rows
Chain 41:

Click on small image above for larger picture of short rows,
folding row, and wide ribs.

With wrong sides together, sew with overcast stitch through the free loops in the starting chain and the inner loops of the last row. Work as far as the fold row stitch. Turn toque inside out (right sides together) finish sewing through free loops of starting chain and inner loops of last row. Fasten off.

Turn right side out (right side has flat rows, wrong side is entirely ribbing). Weave doubled strand of yarn through last stitch of rows at the crown, pull tight, fasten off, and weave in loose ends. Fold cuff up at Fold Row.

This pattern is designed to fit over sleepers.
If fitting over bare feet, work fewer rows for the shoe part.
Toe Flap: (rows are crosswise)
Chain 8, work 7 rows of 7 sc. Fasten off.
Mark any odd row as right side. Sew seam together using overcast stitch through outer loops of stitches.

Beading Row- Join yarn at center back of bootee, chain 3. DC in free loops of starting chain, DC in sc’s across toe flap, DC in free loops of starting chain. Slip Stitch to 3rd chain of starting chain 3.

Chain 12

Using overcast stitch through free loops of starting chain and inner loops of last row,
stitch the two rows together.
Fasten Off. Weave in loose ends.

Weave 16 inch long (1/8” wide) ribbon through beading row and tie in bow.

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