The original pattern called for 1 skein of 4/8s wool (Aran weight). I used Paton's Canadiana.

Use size H hook for medium and large mittens, size F hook for child's mittens.

Shortened instructions: Rows 3 and 5 have *...*-->. This means to repeat instructions between the *'s to the end of the round.
MITTENS:Begin at the top of the mitten
Ch 4, Join with sl st to form a ring.



(If jacket has inside storm cuffs, make the mitten cuffs shorter)


Use size F hook, omit row 5 and work only 5 rows after thumb opening.

If these mittens are done in wool and felted, add 2/3 more stitches and make a LITTLE bit longer.

Thumb Modification

This modification adds some ease around the thumb amd shapes the wrist and palm a bit. It is a fussy bit of work and even I am not completely convinced the extra fit and comfort is really worth the time and effort.
THUMB Join yarn at right side of opening. The idea is to hdc around the outside of the base of the thumb and sc around the inside to shape the thumb slightly.
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