Invisible Join
(I call it the Needle Join)

The usual method of joining a round is with a slip stitch in the top
of the starting stitch or chain, chain appropriately for the stitch used,
and continue with the next round.
This is quick and easy but the join is noticeable and in the case
of a small disk or motif, can actually change the width of one side.

This tutorial will cover the invisible join as done with the Single Crochet,
the Linked Double Crochet,
and the Linked Half Double Crochet as shown
in the photo below.

Fig. 1
This motif as worked in Phentex Dynasty Yarn
on a 5.00 mm hook is 3 inches square.

Center of motif,
done in Single Crochet.

Pattern instructions:
Chain 4, join in a ring with slip stitch. Chain 1, work 11 single crochet in ring.
When using the invisible join method,
the starting chain counts as the post of the first stitch and
the Invisible Join creates the top of that stitch on top of
the starting chain 1, giving the required 12 stitches in the round.
Arrow points to the chain 1.

Joining ends of the first round.

Thread yarn on needle, insert needle from front to back
under top 2 loops of first Single Crochet.
Insert hook from top through the center of the last stitch made.
Join has been left loose so technique is more noticeable.
Not Shown - Tighten the joining stitch so it matches the stitches in the round.
Weave in end at back. 12 single crochet in round.

Second Round: Linked Double Crochet

Join yarn with a slip stitch in any stitch, Chain 3.(Counts as the post of the first DC;
the join will put the top on the stitch.)
Joining the yarn in any stitch allows you to avoid the bulk
of all the rounds starting in the same place.

Instructions for the LkDC:
Insert hook through 2nd chain from hook, YO and pull a loop through.
Black arrow points to this,
This is actually the required YO of the double crochet stitch
but this way the second stitch is linked to the starting chain-3.
Complete as normal DC. The stitch has been left very loose
so the technique is more obvious.

For this round, work 1 Linked Double Crochet (Lkdc) in the same stitch
as the chain-3, 2 Lkdc in next stitch, 1 Lkdc in next,
*2 Lkdc in each of next 2 sts, 1 Lkdc in next st.
Repeat from * around. (20 stitches counting the starting chain-3.)

Fig. 5
Next Lkdc

Insert hook under marked horizontal bar, YO and pull loop through loop,
insert hook in next stitch of previous round,
YO, and complete as normal dc.
Continue in pattern around.
Cut yarn leaving a long tail, pull end through last stitch.

Second round ready for the needle join.

Leave an 8 inch tail for weaving.
Notice the starting chain 3 (arrow) -the needle join stitch will be worked
into the first stitch to its left (double arrow) and will become the top of the chain 3.

Fig. 7
Starting the Invisible Finish

Insert needle under top 2 strands of first stitch (not the chain-3)
then back into the last stitch made. The needle goes through all the loops
of the stitch that the yarn loop went through.

Fig. 8
Adding the linking horizontal bar

Stitch is left loose so the path of the yarn is more obvious.
Bring needle through the stitch from the back just above the horizontal bar,
across the starting chain-3, under the horizontal bar of the first stitch and through the stitch.
Weave end into back of disk.
Arrows point to the stitch and the horizontal bar.

Fig. 9
Starting the 3rd Round.
The Linked Half Double Crochet (Lkhdc)

Join yarn in any stitch with a slip stitch. Chain 2.
Insert hook in 2nd chain from hook, YO, and draw a loop through.
This is the needed YO for the Hdc but since it is pulled through
a chain of the first stitch, it is linked.
Finish stitch in normal manner, work 1 more Lkhdc in the next stitch.

Fig. 10
Adding a square corner to the motif

In next stitch, work 2 Lkdc.
Then chain 2 to make the corner.

Fig. 11
Finish corner, add 2nd side.

Place marker on chain-2, work 2 Lkdc in next stitch.
Notice the first Lkdc is linked to the previous Lkdc.
Work 3 Lkhdc for 2nd side.

Fig. 12
Finish 3rd round.

Work corner over next 2 stitches (2 Lkdc, ch 2 -place marker- 2Lkdc),
1 Lkhdc in each of next 3 sts.
Work corner over next 2 stitches (2 Lkdc, ch 2 -place marker- 2Lkdc),
1 Lkhdc in each of next 3 sts.
Work corner over next 2 stitches (2 Lkdc, ch 2 -place marker- 2Lkdc),
1 Lkhdc in last stitch.

Fig. 13
Needle Join

Insert needle under top 2 strands of first stitch -not the chain 2.
Then down through the centre of the stitch.
Bring needle back through the stitch just above the horizontal bar,
across the chain 2, through the first stitch from under the horizontal bar.
Needlejoin is circled. Weave end on back side.

Finished motif.

The needle join is not on the top side.

The motif as made here is 3 inches square.
It can be used any place a granny square can be used.
This particular motif is used as a headband for a winter cap.
-make 7, sew together into a circle, and add the crown of a hat to it.

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