Raglan Sweater in the Round

The information that follows is not intended to be a pattern. Rather, it is general information.
All the ribbing and the Back Loop/Front Loop Single Crochet that was used for this sweater will be found at Ribbing and scroll down to "Procedure".


Back Loop/Front Loop Single Crochet was used for this project. It would be easier, for a first attempt, to use single crochet.
Increases for the sleeves are worked at the beginning and end of rows.

The sleeves were worked to the underarm first, then the body was worked to the underarm.
At this point, the sleeves were added to the body.
Place markers at the join of sleeve and body.
The slip stitch join of row ends will be at the center back of the sweater -and this may cause a slight problem because the join is noticeable. If the sweater will be worn under a shirt or jacket, then there is no problem but the visible join up the center of the back could be considered "geeky".
Decreases for the raglan shaping will be done just before and just after the markers on alternate rows.

Neck Ribbing.

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