Norwegian Sweater

What follows is in no way to be considered a pattern -rather it is just general information.

I used a knitted Norwegian sweater pattern in the size I wanted to make as my guide and converted the knitting information to my crochet gauge.

Ribbing was done using back loop only single crochet.
When the ribbing was long enough, the ends were slip stitched together, the work turned sideways, and 1 sc worked into the end of each row.

Place a marker after the last stitch of the first row to mark the end of that row.
Do not join the ends of the row.

Because I don't care for the look of single crochet done in one direction, back loop only single crochet was chosen for the stitch.

Increases for the sleeves were done in the stitch just after the marker and just before the marker (first and last stitch of the row).

Do both sleeves first -up to the underarm.

The body is done in the same manner -working even for the needed length to the underarm.

Pin the sleeves in place, leaving 4 stitches unworked at the underarm.
Next row joins the sleeves to the body. Add or remove a few stitches so the total stitches in the row is a multiple of 12 or 6. My Norwegian has a multiple of 12.
Next row starts the pattern.

Some comments about the pattern:

For an explanation of the ribbing used for this sweater, click on Ribbing and scroll down to "Procedure".

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