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Preferred style of Sweater
Baby Measurements

A quote from one of the Nurses
who provided information for this page:

"Many of our parents feel helpless
when it comes to their baby's care,
but the simple act of dressing their baby gives them
a sense of some control and helps them
to bond with their child."

First, some background:
We knit and crochet for several charities in the city -Several years with the "Knit for Kids" program run by the Salvation Army with Lewiscraft craft stores, more recently with the Christmas Cheer Board, and every year several sweaters for some of the elementary schools. These organizations have all needed sweaters from 26 inch to 46 inch finished chest.

If you are crocheting for preemies for the first time:
Ask the Nurses what sizes and styles they want.

In 2000 we became interested in the special needs of the preemie baby. The Women's Hospital was phoned. They told us the size of the preemie and a little about the size of sweater needed. Samples were made and a meeting arranged. We showed our sample sweaters and told the nurse we wanted to know what had to be changed so the sweaters would be used on the babies instead of on dolls or teddy bears, or worse, stuffed in a closet and not used.

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Hospital Requirements for the Sweaters

Every organization and Hospital has their own requirements for the garments they use. What we have found most common is that the Nurse or Administrator we talk to does not want to hurt our feelings by telling us the sweaters we just made are not suitable. After some coaxing and stating that we wanted to know what was needed and that we would change our patterns to make them useful, these are our guidelines:

A nurse from one of the Hospitals in St. Louis provided this information:

Choice of yarn:
This is my preference, not from the Hospital. 28 stitch (Bernat "Lollipop" or "Baby Soft") is as thick as I will use; 32 stitch yarn is really great even though it takes a long time for even a small garment.

For Sweater and Hat patterns see the Pattern Page under Preemie/Baby Patterns

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Baby Measurements

My thanks to the Nurses at Women's Hospital
for taking the time to get these measurements for us.
Weight Chest Circumference Length -back of neck to tailbone Underarm length
1000-1500 grams
2.2 lb-3.3 lb
25 cm
10 inches
15 cm
6 inches
9 cm
3 1/2 inches
1500-2000 grams
3.3 lbs-4.4 lbs
34 cm
13 1/2 inches
20 cm
8 inches
11 cm
4 1/2 inches
2000-30000 grams
4.4 lbs-6.6 lbs
35 cm
14 inches
22 cm
8 1/2 inches
12 cm
4 3/4 inches
3000-4000 grams
6.6 lbs-8.8 lbs
36 cm
14 1/4 inches
25 cm
9 3/4 inches
14 cm
5 1/2 inches
4000-5000 grams
8.8 lbs-11 lbs
38 cm
15 inches
28 cm
11 inches
16 cm
6 1/4 inches
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