Slip Stitch Crochet

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Information about Slip Stitch Crochet
Slip stitch crochet dates to the 1800's and is the earliest form of crochet documented.

If done as a flat piece, the yarn is cut at the end of every row.

Worked in VERY fine yarn with a hook at least 3 mm larger than normally used today.
(28 stitch with a 5.00 mm hook, worsted weight on 6.5 mm or a 7.00 mm hook.)

Usually worked in the front loop only.
One-color patterns can be made using front loop or back loop.
Back Loop, both loops, loop behind stitch [very hard to do], are also possible.

Chain very loosely. If you can feel the yarn slide through your fingers,
you are holding the yarn too tightly.

To Work in the round:
Chain as needed for circumference, slst in 2nd chain from hook
and each to end of chain. Join in a ring and continue in front loop only for length.
With starting tail, join ends.

**Slst2tog, slst in next st** Repeat from ** to ** around to decrease.

Increase #1:
**slst in front loop and back loop of next stitch, slst in front loop of next st**
Repeat from ** to ** around for increases.

Increase #2 (better):
**Slst in next st, slst between same and next st, slst in next st.
** Repeat from ** to ** for increases.

First round worked in back loop gives sloppy cuff and sides of hat are tapered.
First round in front loop gives nice turned up cuff and straight sides.
First several rounds done in back loop gives a nice no cuff start.

Back loop fabric lies flatter and is thicker in feel than front loop fabric.

Joining pieces with slip stitch.
Lay pieces right side up overlapping one stitch.
Hold yarn under fabric, insert hook through last stitch of both pieces,
draw loop through both layers and complete slip stitch.
Continue for seam. Seam will lie flat.

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Hat in Slip Stitch Crochet

Sample hat is made from baby yarn
on a 5.00 mm hook

Worked in Front Loop slip stitch in the round with very thin yarn
on a hook that is 2 3.00 mm larger than normal.

Chain very loosely for circumference then slip stitch
in second stitch from hook and each stitch to end of chain.
[Back loop is easier but produces a sloppy turned up edge.
Front loop is a bit harder but produces a nice, firm, turned up edge.
Several rows of back loop slip stitch gives a nice looking band around the bottom.]

Join in a circle and continue with slip stitch in front loop only.
Continue is slip stitch for length.

Decrease for top of hat:
** Slip stitch 2 together, slip stitch in next stitch.**
Repeat from ** to ** until about 10 stitches remain.
Cut yarn leaving long tail. Pull end through last stitch.
Weave through remaining stitches and pull tight.
Weave end in on wrong side.

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