Square Slippers and Cuff
Materials: Any yarn and any hook that will make a soft fabric
Stitch used: Hdc or dc in back loop only
  1. Measure foot. Starting chain is length of foot plus 1 inch plus req turning chain. Leave 10 inch end for sewing heel seam.
  2. Work an even number of rows until fabric is square. Leave 10 inch end for sewing inseam.
  3. Fold in half lengthwise.
  4. Sew heel seam.
  5. Sew instep seam. Its slightly less than half the width.
  6. Weave length of yarn through end of rows at toe. Pull tightly to close and form toe.
  7. Turn inside out
  8. Add pom-poms if desired
  9. Make second slipper to match

Cuff for Square Slippers
Make slipper according to pattern.
Turn inside out. This hides the seam stitching better.
This pattern raises the cuff 1 or 2 rows, then the cuff folds over. Place tie string around cuff, if desired, fold over, and stitch in place. Add pom-poms if desired.
If a one piece stand up cuff is desired: Loop stitch can be used effectively for decoration on any of these cuffs.
Just be sure to work the loops inside the slipper if the cuff
is to be folded over to the outside.
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