Straight Hook

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Wooden Hook in Progress
By making your own straight hooks, you will be able to make custom lengths and sizes.
In my part of the country, commercial afghan hooks larger that 5.5 mm are impossibe to find.

This same method will also make custom crochet hooks and cro-hooks.

Very sharp knife (snap blade works well)
Coping or Scroll Saw
Wood Dowel -see list

All these dowels are found at a Hardware Store or Lumber Yard or at most craft stores.

Fashion the Hook end using another hook as a pattern

The finished hook could be sprayed with several thin coats of Clear Coat to make it very smooth
or rub it well with a piece of waxed paper. Waxed paper is used in Grocery Store Deli's and the clerk
will probably be happy to give you an extra sheet with your order.
Tell them what it is for -it'll make their day.

This diagram shows the shaping of the front of the hook and the location of the cuts for the throat.

This diagram shows the side view of the shaping of the hook.

Finished Cro-Hook. This one, about 3 inches long, was made for crohooking in the round. The concept works but needs a lot of refining. The hook was scraped smooth and left bare. It is smooth enough that the yarn does not catch.

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Steps in Making a Wooden Hook

Steps in making a Wooden Hook 14Kb

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