How to make a Tassel

Fig. 1
The tassel-maker is a piece of cardboard approximately
4 inches by 2 inches with a slot cut near the top.
It should be about 1/2 inch longer than the
finished tassel to allow for trimming.

Fig. 2
Wrap yarn loosely about 25 times around the cardboard.
Cut a piece of yarn 30 inches long, double it and wrap it
twice around the yarn at the slot. The ends will be hidden
in the tassel later.

Fig. 3
Using yarn from the ball or skein, loop the end
twice through the top of the tassel and tie it tightly.
Leave an 8 inch end that will be hidden in the tassel later.
Do not cut the yarn.

Make a chain about 3 inches long.Use the smallest hook
possible and make the chain as tight as possible.
Cut yarn leaving an 8 inch tail for sewing.

Fig. 5
Cut bottom of yarn and remove tassel from cardboard.
Thread the unused tail at the top of the tassel on a needle and hide the tail in the middle of the tassel.
The ends from the square knot are threaded on a needle,
the yarn is wrapped around twice, then hidden in the
middle of the tassel.

Finished tassel made by the above method.
If it is attached to the top of a hat,
the chain should be long enough so the bottom
of the tassel just touches the brim.
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