Tunisian Crochet Sweater

Tunisian Crochet does not seem to be very common for sweaters. This is unfortunate because the fabric can be made very quickly -faster, even, than crochet. There is, however, one possible drawback. Some Tunisian Crochet stitches take more yarn than crochet. On the bright side, the "flat rib" pattern is really ALL BOY. It is the only crochet stitch-pattern I have found that consistently gets the comment, "I could see a boy in that!" Of course, the first question is always, "Is that knitted?"
Where do you find a pattern for a Tunisian Crochet Sweater? There is an easy answer -make your own!
Start with an easy drop shoulder crew neck pullover. This has very little shaping, and the neck opening is square.
Do a test swatch at least 6" square so you get a good feel for the yarn, hook, and technique.
Now, "merely" substitute the new stitch gauge and pattern and work to the dimensions of the pullover.

I started with a 26" finished chest crewneck pullover. This means I need 13" for the front and the back. I used Red Heart 'Comfort' yarn on an 8 mm hook to get a soft fabric. For me, this meant casting on 50 loops.
I did the body and sleeve ribbing with a 6 mm hook in Back Loop Only Sc (24 rows for the sleeves then a foundation row of 34 sc along the side of the ribbing before starting the pattern, and 42 rows of Back Loop Only Sc and a foundation row of 50 sc along the side of the ribbing before starting the pattern.

This link gives a more complete explanation of Single Crochet Ribbing.

There are tutorials on the 'Net and some instructions in Crochet books so I won't pursue that.
However, here are 3 stitch patterns that I find very effective.

Check the Handyman Page for instructions to make your own flexible afghan hook and straight hook using materials found in most home workshops and the hardware or lumber store.

Check the Tips/Techniques link in the "Crochet Directory" for instructions for a quick and easy ribbing for Tunisian Crochet Sweaters and some suggestions for starting to learn Tunisian Crochet.

Check my Web Page Links for Crochet Cabana and Cindy's Crochet Pages. They both include excellent, clear, easy to follow, tutorials for Tunisian Crochet (sometimes called afghan stitch).

(and an e-mail to say hi and thanks is always appreciated!)

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