Generic Sweater Worksheet

Type of Sweater________________

Finished Chest___________inches

Test Swatch:

Stitch: _________________Yarn: ______________Hook: _________


______ stitches in _______inches = ___stitches per inch

______ rows in ________inches = _____rows per inch.

Knit gauge: (needed when converting knit patterns to crochet)

_____stitches in _____inches = _____ stitches per inch

_____rows in _____ inches = _____ rows per inch.


Ribbing: Back Loop Only Single Crochet___ Other: _____ Hook size _____ (1-2 mm smaller )

Math needed

_____ (stitches per inch) times _______( needed width) = ________( needed stitches)

_____ (rows per inch) times _________( needed length) = ________( needed rows)


______( needed width) times _______ (stitches per inch) = _______( needed stitches).

_______ (needed length) times _____ (rows in per inch) = ________( needed rows).

Increase/ Decrease:

_____ (stitches at widest part) minus ____ (stitches at narrowest part) divided by 2 = ________( needed increase/decrease stitches) on each side. Evenly distributed over the length.

Special Stitches or Techniques:





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